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Ceroc South Wales - Teachers

All of our teachers at Ceroc South Wales are CTA (Ceroc Teacher Association) trained and qualified in both Beginner and Intermediate classes. They all have a huge amount of Ceroc experience between them, and are ready to help brand new dancers join the Ceroc addiction!


Chloe Shaw- Ceroc Chepstow

Chloe Shaw has been teaching for Ceroc Cardiff for the past 3 years, and will soon be taking over the reigns at Ceroc Chepstow on Mondays.

Chloe is an exceptional dancer, with an abundance of mesmerising and stylish moves
. You'll learn a great repertoire of dance moves in her classes, and she's always ready on hand to dance with everyone throughout the freestyle, and help beginners through their moves. 


Chloe is also an experienced competition winning dancer (multiple times over) and no stranger to winning the Dragon Open gold of our local Ceroc Welsh Champs. 

Classes in Chepstow aren't yet open since we hit lockdown, but they will be soon!


Jamie Eddy - Ceroc Newport

Jamie Eddy has been a regular Ceroc South Wales teacher for the past 6 years, currently teaching at Ceroc Newport on Thursdays.

Jamie specialises in musicality, and adds a lot of funk and flair to his dancing. He's always guaranteed to give you a fun dance! He also has a background of competition dancing with a variety of wins (including the impressive Grandmasters trophy) and more recently he's taken up judging at South West Champs and Ceroc Welsh Champs.


Jamie is also qualified in Silc dancing, a new curriculum by Ceroc that allows for more advanced and smoother, stylish moves, often danced to slower tempo tracks in 'Silc' sets. Jamie can get you ready for our famous Flava Silc freestyles at Newport.

Classes in Newport aren't yet open since we hit lockdown, but they will be soon!


Lyndsey Bennett - Ceroc Swansea

Lyndsey Bennett founded Ceroc South Wales in 2009 and has been teaching Ceroc for 15+ years. Full of energy and fun, Lyndsey will always get you smiling through each class.

Lyndsey venue manages and teaches every Wednesday at Ceroc Swansea, and also teaches a Rock 'n' Roll class (her speciality) beforehand. She's fantastic with brand new beginners, and always has some hot new moves up her sleeve for the intermediates class.


Lyndsey has been part of the Ceroc world for as long as most of can remember, having organised championships, run a successful Ceroc franchise for over a decade (now advanced to working at Ceroc HQ), won multiple top level competitions, judged at all the UK championships, and has taught workshops across the country and abroad. Lyndsey also loves a bit of double trouble (one lead, two partners) and is known to offer a variety of fun classes and Rock 'n' Roll workshops at the popular Ceroc Escape weekenders.

Whilst classes are currently opening back up Lyndsey will also be teaching at Ceroc Cardiff (whilst it's temporarily held at Dinas Powys, on Thursdays). 


Chris Whitehouse - Ceroc Cardiff

We're excited to introduce our brand new Ceroc teacher, Chris Whitehouse, joining us from Birmingham, where he taught Ceroc for the past 3 years, having recently relocated to Wales.

Chris has a big love of music, and has years of experience as a professional DJ producing music for his record label. Chris is a big
presence on the Ceroc scene, having hosted some very successful Ceroc freestyle and music events, and has recently become a regular teaching fixture at the popular Escape weekender events.

Chris will soon be teaching and venue managing Ceroc Cardiff on Mondays, and we're excited to have him join the Ceroc Dragon family. Until then, Lyndsey will be teaching at Ceroc Cardiff (whilst it's temporarily held at Dinas Powys, on Thursdays). 


Tim & Heather - Ceroc South Wales Owners

Tim Stevens and Heather Lawson are franchisees for Ceroc South Wales, having recently taken over the reigns from Ceroc South Wales founder, Lyndsey Bennett.

Tim and Heather have a combined 35 years of dancing experience between them in the Ceroc world, with Tim also having a background in street dance. Tim has been teaching Ceroc for over 10+ years, and they have both taught workshops across the world, and competed and judged in a variety of 

We're looking forward to getting Ceroc South Wales up and running again after a long break away due to Covid-19 restrictions. We want everyone to be as safe as possible, and you can find out all of our class information on this page.