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What's going on in Ceroc lockdown?

Sunday Swingers Special

Sunday 26th July - 2pm-5pm

Online Live Classes & Freestyles

More than just a swingers hour!!!

With cancelled Ceroc and Rock’n’Roll events all over the UK, the sisters of swing have got together to bring you an afternoon of great music and dancing direct to your living room…for FREE!


Sheena Assiph from Ceroc Scotland will kick off the event with a teach of the New York stroll, suitable for all abilities and for those on their own. Later she will DJ a Swingers Hour set (well 40 mins actually) for all you Cerocers missing your fix!

Lyndsey Bennett from Ceroc South Wales and Swansea Rock n Roll Club brings you a beginners rock n roll class with her partner Andy, and later will DJ 50’s rock n roll, complete with strollers, bops, jivers and 50s RnB.


Hayley Epps, from Ceroc Kettering is queen of the swivel, she brings you a fun and energetic Charleston stroll class, and later, just watch her on the decks – she is a spectacle to watch and her music is stand-out!

All classes and sets will happen on Zoom which means that teachers, DJs and participants can all be seen and able to interact! So put on your finest swing attire, dance along or just sit back enjoy the music and experience.

The Zoom link will be posted closer to the event.



2.00pm – Learn the New York Stroll
2.25pm – Beginners Rock n Roll Class
3.05pm – Learn the Charleston Stroll
3.30pm – Sheena Assiph – Ceroc Swingers set
4.10pm – Lyndsey Bennett – 50s Rock n Roll set
4.50pm – Hayley Epps – Ceroc Swingers set
5.30pm – Close.





Online Classes & Freestyles

Any Ceroc South Wales live zoom event will be posted on the official Ceroc site online section. Click here for upcoming events. 

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Online Dance Tuition


BEGINNERS - Brand new to Ceroc? No problem! There's a whole range of dance tuition available just for beginners.

COUPLES - Offering a variety of different Ceroc routines for all levels of dancers, PLUS other dance styles, including rock 'n' roll, street dance, burlesque, tango, blues and more.

SOLOS - If you don't have a dance partner - no problem! There's a large selection of solo dance tuition in a variety of different dance styles

HALL OF FAME - If you want to be entered into the Hall Of Fame, send a video to Tim Sant via email or WeTransfer to t

Ceroc South Wales recently made the Hall of Fame with their Dance Monkey challenge! 

Check out the video below:


Other Ceroc News...

Zoom Catch Up - Ceroc Swansea

Wednesdays 7pm

Come join us for the weekly Ceroc Swansea zoom chat (open for everyone) for a general chit chat, catch up, and the occasional games. Zoom link posted on Ceroc South Wales or Ceroc Swansea page every Wednesday at 7pm. 

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Big Fat Hunt Quiz - Ceroc Evolution

Wednesdays 8pm

Steve Thomas of Ceroc Evolution brings his famous 'Big Fat Hunt Quiz' live to the Ceroc Evolution page on Facebook for all to join, with all the wit, entertainment and 18+ humour that you'd expect see at the Ceroc Weekenders. Ceroc South Wales take part each week in the quiz so if you'd like to join the fun, there's a WhatsApp group - contact Tim, Heather, Lyndsey or CSW to join.

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The Virtual Fleet Show LIVE - Ceroc Plus Fleet

Thursdays 8.10pm

Jules & Pete host a weekly fun, slick and interactive show live on Facebook via their Ceroc Plus Feet page. Each week you can expect games, comedy, competitions and a special Ceroc teacher guest "feature teacher" interview. Well worth a watch!

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Richard & Zoe Q&A - Ceroc Live

Thursdays 8.30pm

Zoe and Richard have supplied a selection of dance treats for the Ceroc community. You can catch their online tuition on their Patron Page, you join in for their virtual upcoming tea dances, and take part in their weekly live Q&A Facebook feed on their Ceroc Live page, where they can answer any dance related (or otherwise) questions you might have, from competition advice, dance techniques and more.  

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Debrief & Snacks - Strictly Ceroc Bristol & Ceroc Essex - New podcast every Monday

Grab your favourite snacks and cosy up to a weekly Debrief & Snacks podcast hosted by Teachers and DJs Kieran Moore and Caine Langford, as they fill you in with  general chat and banter about a variety of dance topics in the Ceroc community. One of their latest podcasts includes and interview with Ceroc HQ's Lyndsey Bennett discussing MIST Weekender.

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Utopia Dance Radio

The famous and much loved Utopia sets by David Rokov and Vince Silva (and other guest DJs) are now available via regular Utopia Dance Radio sessions and they've been a massive hit! Expect a variety of soul, funk, soul, Motown, SILC, r'n'b and general sublime chill out music. They advertise their radio sessions on their Utopia & Twisted page on Facebook, so give their page a 'like' to keep in the loop.  

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