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Rules for Ceroc South Wales

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Covid Pass Information

Covid Passes are currently mandatory entry requirements for Ceroc South Wales classes. Here's all the information you need to know:

What do I need to obtain a Covid Pass?

You have two different options to gain a Covid Pass:

- Fully vaccinated against Covid-19

- OR you need to take a recent negative test

How do I get a Covid Pass?

Option1: You can get a Covid Pass via the NHS website using your computer or smartphone (soon Wales will be able to do this via the NHS app). It shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.

Full instructions on how to get a Covid Pass can be found here


Option 2: You can request a Covid Pass Certificate which will take 7-10 days to arrive in the post, by calling 0300 303 5667. This is an ideal option for anyone without a smartphone or printer, and you don't have to worry about expiry dates.


Option 3: Bring your completed vaccination card and photo ID and show on the door

How do I use my Covid Pass?
Once you've got your Covid Pass you can download it or print it out on paper. You will then be able to show it to the door staff at a Ceroc South Wales venue, using your smartphone, or by bringing a printed copy. The door staff will be able to scan the barcode and confirm validity.

I don't have a smartphone or printer, what do I do?

If you don't have a smart phone or printer, then you should call 0300 303 5667 to get a Covid Pass certificate posted to your address, which should take roughly a week. Until then, we will accept your completed vaccination card (along with photo ID) as proof.


If you arrive to a venue without a Covid Pass, we can offer a lateral flow test to take at the venue, but you will have to wait 15-30mins for the results, so we suggest you turn up early.


How long is the Covid Pass valid for?

Usually Covid Passes are only valid for 48 hours, so you will need to get one each time you attend to go to a Ceroc class. Soon this should be changing to allow a longer time.

However if you 
opt for a travel Covid Pass, you will have a longer expiry date. If you have a Covid Pass certificate sent through the post (by calling 0300 303 5667) there is currently no expiry date. So this would be the best long term solution.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on the details below:

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