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As Ceroc South Wales slowly begins to opens its doors, we're excited to see everyone back on the dance floor!

Please see below for various class night information:


Classes and Information:

As Wales officially goes down to alert level 0, restrictions have been lifted and we're excited to see everyone back on the dance floor! 

Whilst we can't wait to get back to normal, we want to be as safe as possible,

therefore we will be putting some safety measures in place, and opening up gradually.


We will be requesting that all members provide a Covid Pass on the door plus a Lateral Flow Test taken and uploaded to the NHS site on the day of the class as mandatory entry requirements. More information can be found here: Covid Pass


 Ceroc Swansea restarts after Christmas break Wednesday 12th January 2022


Ceroc Caldicot Opening Night at our new venue Tuesday 11th January 2022


Ceroc Cardiff Opening Night at our new venue Thursday 20th January 2022

Please look below for venue & timing details:

Venue & Timings
Classes in Ceroc South Wales will be returning to the normal class night format, including after-class freestyles. Fixed partnership is no longer mandatory, however we will be keeping a fixed partner row for those that feel more comfortable staying with a fixed partner. All members have the choice to say "no" to a dance, and their decision and boundaries should be respected.

Payment will be taken on the door (no longer pre-booked online).
Currently we are only accepting cash, but we will be bringing in a card machine soon.

Ceroc Swansea



Classes restart 2nd Feb 2022



Swansea Dockers Social Club, Delhi Street, Swansea, SA1 8BT


6.45pm: Doors Open

7pm: Rock 'n' Roll

8pm: Ceroc Beginner Class

9pm: Ceroc Intermediate Class

PLUS 9pm: Beginner Review/Practice Class

10.45pm - Close


Entry Fee:

Standard £8

Concession: £6

Ceroc Caldicot





Classes start 1st Feb 2022



Severn View Social Club,

 29 Station Road, Caldicot, NP26 5BG



7.45pm: Doors Open

8pm: Ceroc Beginner Class

9pm: Ceroc Intermediate Class

PLUS 9pm: Beginner Review/Practice Class

10.45pm - Close


Entry Fee:

Standard £10

Concession: £8

Ceroc Cardiff

Beginners Day sized for ceroc.com[261].png



Classes restart 3rd Feb 2022


Roath Conservative Club,

 7/11 Cyril Crescent, Cardiff

CF24 1DQ



7.45pm: Doors Open

8pm: Ceroc Beginner Class

9pm: Ceroc Intermediate Class

PLUS 9pm: Beginner Review/Practice Class

10.45pm - Close


Entry Fee:

Standard £10

Concession: £8

Covid Pass

In order to create the safest environment possible, we have decided that going forward, we will be requesting that all members and crew provide a Covid Pass plus a Lateral Flow Test upon entry, as mandatory requirements to all Ceroc South Wales class nights.

What is a Covid Pass?

A Covid Pass is obtained via the NHS website. You can acquire a Covid Pass if you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 OR from having a recent negative test.

How do I obtain a Covid Pass?


Option 1:
You need to visit the NHS website and complete the information requested,

which should take no longer than a few minutes.

Option 2:
If you don't have a 
smartphone or printer you can call 0300 303 5667 and they'll post a Covid Pass certificate to your address.

Option 3:
If you don't yet have a Covid Pass we can accept you showing your completed vaccination card along with photo ID.


For full instructions on how to obtain a Covid Pass, please click below:

How do I present my Covid Pass?

Once you've completed your Covid Pass you will be given a unique barcode with your details.

You will then be able to show your Covid Pass to the door crew upon entry to the class night, either by getting the Covid Pass on your smart phone, or by printing it out on your computer, and bringing it to the venue. If you've opted for a posted certificate, please bring it with you.

Do I need to do this each time I come back to a class night?


Yes, you will need to repeat the process, as obtaining a Covid Pass is only valid for 48 hours, unless you've opted for a Covid Pass certificate through the post.


Safety & Hygiene



Safety for all our members and crew is our TOP priority. We want to make sure you can dance confidently in a safe environment. Please look at the information below:


We will continue to provide anti-bacterial gel at our venues, and the toilets will be stocked with soap and hand sanitiserPlease wash your hands regularly.

Face Masks:

It is not mandatory to wear face masks at our venues, but it's okay to wear one if you feel more comfortable.

Feeling unwell?:

If you are feeling unwell or have a temperature, we ask that you don't attend a class night.

Respect Boundaries:

Whilst we are all excited to get back to dancing and to hug our friends, there are many members who are still nervous and uncomfortable with being in close proximity with other dancers. So please be mindful of everyone's boundaries, and keep a respectful distance from anyone wearing a wristband.

Keep everyone safe:

If you have been tested positive for Covid-19 and you recently (within the past week) attended a Ceroc South Wales class night since symptoms started (or since you tested positive) then please contact us immediately on:

07950 380453 or email cerocsouthwales@hotmail.com


07950 380453

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